The following window cleaning services require additional labor beyond normal window cleaning and involve an extra fee. When we call you to schedule your window cleaning, please let us know if you choose any of these services so that we can allow enough time to complete the work. Our representative will give you the price for the additional services when he submits a proposal.

Any small adhesions that do not wash off, such as paint spots or tape glue, are scraped off when we wash a window. However, if several windows need excessive scraping to make them look clean, we charge an additional amount to cover the extra labor involved.

Some windows have "screen burn" which can appear as anything from small water spots to a heavy gray haze on the outside of the glass. This occurs as a result of rain water passing through the screen and depositing oxidized metal onto the glass. These deposits do not wash or scrape off, and a special treatment must be used to restore the glass to its original shine. If our representative notices this condition on any of your windows, he will discuss it with you the first time we look at your house.

Many homes have air conditioners installed in one or more windows. If a unit is permanently installed, we simply clean the inside and outside of the window surfaces that are exposed.

Some A/C units are removable, in which case we offer three options:
a) We can leave the unit in and clean exposed surfaces only, as described above, at no additional charge.
b) We can remove the unit from the window, place it
on a mat or old towel that you provide, and leave it out.
c) After cleaning the window, we can replace the unit into its original position.

There is an extra fee for handling an air conditioner. The fee is based on the size of the unit and complexity of installation. We reserve the right not to remove a unit if we feel it is larger or more involved than we can handle safely.