Founder, Philip Bell, started his window cleaning business in 1973 with the intention of earning enough money to finish college. But with a growing family, the funds were never quite there for school, so he decided to grow his business. In 1989, he hired his first employee and the business has grown since then. After their children were all grown and out of the house, his wife Kathy joined him in running their operation.
Phil no longer cleans windows unless it’s absolutely necessary, but spends his work days managing the operations. From April to November, he spends much of his time providing potential clients quotes for cleaning windows at their homes or businesses. The rest of the time is spent making daily decisions, talking on the phone with clients and venders, managing employees and training new workers.


When their kids were young, Kathy was a stay-at-home mom. Once their youngest started school, she took on part time jobs to supplement the household income. Once their “baby” left home, Kathy started working at Bell Window Cleaning as the Office Manager. Kathy does the bookkeeping, answers the phone and keeps up the files.


Chris comes from a cleaning family and has worked for janitorial and window cleaning companies since he was a teenager. Chris started with Bell in 1999 as a route window cleaner. As our residential clientele grew, Philip Bell found it impossible to keep up with his work load so he asked Chris to come into the office to schedule the work. Chris has been innovative in helping BWC develop its organization and procedures over the years. Chris sits at his desk every day with phone and computer to schedule the hundreds of clients who call to have their windows cleaned.  


Steve started working at Bell in the spring of 2002. Though he had no window cleaning experience, he learned his skills well and quickly rose up the ranks. Steve is a hard worker who knows how to treat customers with respect. We have gotten many requests for Steve to return to previous years’ customers.
This year, Steve will be replacing our long time store front window cleaner, Paul Rilko who retired this year for health reasons. Steve will be busy this year cleaning all our route customers’ windows from Nashua to Tilton. Steve is a true asset to our operation.